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Be Inspired by Our Office Design and Planning Service

Dixon's Group Ltd are experts in transforming workspaces into inspiring and exciting places to work.

By creating and re-working your space, we can help create storage solutions to fully utilise your working environment. 

At Dixons, we believe that investing in your workspace will not only increase your productivity, but health also. With adjustable desks and chairs, see how Dixons can help you.

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Get the Most out Of Your Space with Our Space Planning and Design Service

Are you struggling to host meetings in your workspace due to bulky office furniture? Or is your office looking tired, outdated and just uninspiring?

Does your space work for you? 

Office interiors which are cluttered, dated and old-fashioned could be having a larger impact on your team and productivity than you first initially thought. Here at Dixons, we can provide a free planning and design service to help you utilise the available space and make your work space work more efficiently.   

We are passionate in providing you with effective solutions to your office needs. Let us at Dixons Group LTD help you visualise a new working environment so you and your team can benefit from a cleaner, more efficient working environment. 

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Free Planning and Design Service

Our free planning and design service allows you to begin to visualise an improved working environment.

For this service, we will visit your premises and begin to draw up designs as well as give you a quote for installation. Unlike competitors, Dixons Group Ltd do not charge a consultancy fee. 

Choose Dixons Group Ltd for a personalised space planning and design service to implement into your working environment. 

Make your workspace an inspiring place to be and contact Dixons Group Ltd for a consultation today.

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Get a workspace that inspires productivity
Contact Dixons Group LTD today

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